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Speak to a Jigsaw Guide

Do you feel Lost, Unsupported, and Alone on your Entrepreneurial journey?

Learn how Raashid Navlakhi, Founder of Jigsaw Thinking has build a Community that is your safe-space to Learn, Build and Experiment your way forward.

“Unlike other business coaches and consultants who just give you advice, Raashid and Jigsaw are all about helping you execute.

The community also went above and beyond to support me to execute the creative ideas we came up with together. I’d recommend Jigsaw to all entrepreneurs who are waiting for things to happen rather than taking action.

It's a place to challenge stereotypes, brainstorm ideas, roadmap solutions, and achieve big goals with awesome people!"

Aamir Zoomkawala

Freelance UI/UX Designer

“During my time with HQ, I doubled my revenue in 1 month! The Fellowship made me see more value in our business than I did before and I love the tribe! Accountability in the community is great, it really helps get things done!"

Anushree Choudhary

Founder, Dough Re Mi

"Jigsaw to me is the type of learning I wish our education system offered. Thanks to Jigsaw I could focus on what I do best without being overwhelmed or intimidated by the pressures of running a business.

Jigsaw ensured I stayed motivated and committed to my goals. Since I'm a solopreneur, Jigsaw also gives me access to a community of other creative entrepreneurs and a platform where we can bounce ideas off each other.”

Chahat Kathotia

Founder, Salt & Co.

Meet Raashid :)

Founder | Business Coach | Productivity Coach | TedX Speaker

I am a Business Coach for driven individuals who aim to turn their skills and expertise into a wellspring of creative and financial freedom.

My journey has been fueled by a blend of experiences - from my Business School education in the UK to strategic consulting at Accenture in London, and launching my social enterprise, I For Indya. These varied experiences have steered me towards my true passion: entrepreneurship.

I'm on a dedicated mission to democratise business coaching, especially for those outside the tech bubble and creative entrepreneurs at the start of their journey. I'm here for the Self-Starters who excel in their craft but need to become equally adept at handling business.

I've channeled all these learnings into building, launching, and growing Jigsaw Thinking. This platform is my way of guiding 10,000 self-starters by 2025, helping them navigate through uncertainty with our world-class Courses, Community, and Content.

My vision is to transform India into a land of job creators, not just job seeker

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