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Customer Lab

Unleash Effectiveness

A business that is performing well is built on a solid client experience and delivery system. It may strike you as counterintuitive that the right approach for growth involves spending more time and energy retaining clients you have, and creating the most value from them. Loyal customers are 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive, 4x as likely to refer and 7x as likely to try a new offering.

This lab helps you build a world class client and delivery system that ensures a consistent performance - without losing sleep over it.

Unlock the secrets to customer loyalty


Community space where you can access video-based guides, ask questions to our experts, connect with other jigsaw thinkers

Customer Lab Workbook with fully-loaded templates and formula-based dashboards ready for you to use

Community Showcase where you will do a Shark Tank style pitch of your entire customer system to get candid feedback and active support from the community


Launch Countdown

2 Hours/ Week x 2 Months
+ Digital Support for 1 Month post launch

Experiment 1: Foundations

  1. Calculate the LifeTime Value of a customer

  2. Calculate your Return on Time

  3. Identify your customer persona

  4. Define your value proposition

Experiment 2: Customer Experience

  1. Design a human centric customer journey

  2. Leverage smart technology in your customer journey

  3. Define your on boarding process for all customers

Experiment 3: Retention

  1. Apply 4 world renowned principles to increase retention

  2. Design a smooth retention journey
    Build your retention offer


Experiment 4: Referrals

  1. Design your referral model

  2. Capture high quality testimonials & case studies

  3. Get customers to opt-in to giving you referrals

Experiment 5: Delivery Systems

  1. Leverage tools to make your delivery more efficient

  2. Put a clear & smooth communication process in place

  3. Reduce dependency on you

Experiment 6: Launch

  1. Launch your new customer system in the real world

  2. Navigate real world challenges with community support

  3. Track your progress using the customer dashboard


The Jigsaw Process applies to each section in the anatomy, ensuring you get a thorough and practical understanding of every topic covered.

Learn by watching a video to understand the basics behind the concepts.

Build using the pre-loaded frameworks in the toolkit to prototype your approach.

Experiment by testing what you’ve built with the slack community, and getting their feedback.

Version up by using community feedback to improve and upgrade until you’re happy with the result.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve got through every section in the anatomy.

Learn how to think strategically and get a sneak peak into what this lab has to offer.


Average increase in monthly income

retention rate


business for referrals



  1. You feel like your existing clients aren't paying you what you are worth, and you don't know how to change that

  2. Your income is inconsistent and unpredictable

  3. You have to work round the clock to deliver to your existing clients, without managing a break

  4. You find it expensive and time-consuming to find clients for the business you are running

  5. You've got a skill / expertise / idea but you're unsure about how to implement it for your clients

This is the right fit for you if:

Clarity & Structure 27

More Time 33

Less Team Headaches 24

Community Talk

"I want to create an agency that resonates with my values and lifestyles, I do not want to be a work horse, working endlessly. I did struggle with the dilemma of more clients = more work = no life! But (this lab) gave me the perspective, structure, and awesome tools to not just learn but build a system that works for me! I love the work I do and the life I'm creating."

Dhwani Kathotia

Founder, Distil

"(This lab) was my introduction to a structured way of learning and problem-solving in an otherwise unstructured space of work. The modules are self-paced learning and you do it justice by implementing as much as you can along the way. It is simulated for you each step of the way and the weekly coaching calls get into the details of roadblocks one might run into. (This lab) allowed me to improve an already working service offering and innovate and test and launch other services. The community channel provides real-time feedback on testing services/prototypes and the coaches help you build better along the way. Added 3+ clients and structured my work much better"

Vidur Gupta

Fitness Expert


Recommended By

Service Based Founders

New Agencies

Small Teams


Investment & ROI

This lab pays for itself and more.
Let's do the math together.

And that's only for one customer. Imagine at least doubling the amount you earn from every single customer over the next few years. :)






Number of months after Lab


Typical Number of Months


Monthly Retainer


Increase in total value of costumer

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