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Be Your Own Boss Podcast - EP:1 - Dhwani Kathotia

Updated: May 31, 2022

Jigsaw Thinking is proud to present, our flagship Podcast, the Be Your Own Boss Podcast with Raashid Navlakhi. Where we take a deep dive into the entrepreneurial journeys of our fellow Self-Starters. To give insights and value to those dreamers looking to bite the bullet and start on their own self-starter adventure to be their own boss!

Our first guest is Dhwani Kathotia, founder of Distil, a conscious creative studio helping purpose-driven businesses build meaningful impact through Content, Strategy, Marketing, and Social Media.

Dhwani, is a marketing professional, with a background in psychology, economics, and sociology, who is driven towards creating sustainability strategies for fashion brands. She has a vast experience in the fields of digital marketing, branding, and consulting.

Watch/Listen Now: From Leads to Leader - Dhwani Kathotia : Be Your Own Boss Podcast

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