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From 25,000 to 6L per month as a Freelancer!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Meet Aamir Zoomkawala, a talented UI/UX Designer who knew instantly that he did NOT want to work for anyone but himself.

As a creative, the natural urge is to operate with the same freedom with which we create. But with freedom comes uncertainty, not only in your ability to perform, but to survive.

Aamir had the chops to make it big, but lacked the clarity and structure neccessary to operate like a business would. That’s when he joined Jigsaw back in it’s early days, and did out Sales Lab, which allowed him to find a niche that worked for him, and commanded the prices he knew he deserved.

What started as a shakey solopreneur gig, pulling in INR 25,000 in a good month, catapulted expontially to INR 72,000 in just 2 months. You think that’s amazing? There’s more.

This exponential growth didn’t seem to stop after he completed the Sales Lab. What happened next surprised even us at Jigsaw Thinking. It just kept going. Month on month, Aamir was earning more money than he knew what to do with, and it wasn’t like he was taking on more clients. It was just that the clients he was getting were higher in quiality and value, allowing him to get paid more, for the same amount of work.

Take a look at Aamir’s tragectory since joining Jigsaw.

This is the power of structure, clarity and community, all of which are in abundant supply here at Jigsaw Thinking.


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