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Google Map your goals: Building your roadmap to success

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

When you’ve lost direction towards your destination, Google Maps is your best bet to find where you are and reroute. What if there was a way to Google Map your goals into achieving all that you set out to accomplish?

"I'm going to take you through & breakdown what I think is one of the most powerful analogies every entrepreneur should embrace and lean into." - Raashid Navlakhi

Here’s the Founder & Business Coach of Jigsaw Thinking, Raashid Navlakhi, taking you through how you can best implement this analogy to ideate, build out, and implement this idea to accomplish your goals.

Call it living in the 21st century or being a slave to technology, we can’t deny the fact that the constant development of technology has changed our lives for the better. Personally, one such instance that comes to mind when I think about my dependability on technology is the use of Google Maps when I decide to travel. Be it intercity or intracity trips, checking viable routes to my destination and foreseeing the possibility of any delays due to traffic, road closures, or unforeseen circumstances is highly beneficial, subsequently making me choose an alternative route to get to my destination on time.

The life of an entrepreneur can be fascinating. It is full of creativity, new opportunities, and a lot of dreams for a successful future. Most of the time though, the road to success is not easy. Entrepreneurship is filled with uncertainty. Be it the belief in your idea, knowledge in the space you’re in, operating in the right environment, or dominating your influence in the market can often feel overwhelming.

After all, the whole point is to set up and design something that doesn’t exist yet and for which there is no template or rule book. However fun and exciting that may be, no entrepreneur could honestly say that the uncertainties this journey inevitably brings don’t get to them.

Through the implementation of using Google Maps to hit your goal, you can build out a carefully laid out pathway towards achieving all that you aim to accomplish, taking into consideration any sort of hindrances, setbacks, or delays.

If you're somebody who wants direction to versioning up yourself as a self-starter, book a consult call with our Jigsaw Guide and we'll guide you through following the clearest path towards your goals!

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