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The Multiplier Effect

The key to getting good at thinking, acting and operating as an entrepreneur lies in consistent practice. Whether its time management techniques, decision making tools, exercises to beat procrastination - anything can be mastered when practiced regularly - and even better, with a community around to keep you motivated.

Built to last a year, this lab stays with you through the process of developing effective habits that will make a good, well-rounded entrepreneur out of you. Commit a few hours every week towards world class techniques and on-demand exercises, expert content, and weekly catch up calls that'll support you through any challenge your journey might bring you.

Show Up. Version Up.



Weekly Group Coaching Calls
Lead by a Jigsaw Coach, the weekly group calls introduce structure and accountability to your practice. We step in to ensure you're staying focused, going beyond your comfort zone, and getting stuff done week after week.



Expert Content
While there's an abundance of information on the internet, it's not easy to sift through it to find what's relevant for you, or how to effectively apply it. We’ve solved for that by bringing in experts to host interactive sessions and Q&A's, lead discussions and design exercises to help you learn in a more holistic way.

The Library

We get it, sometimes you miss stuff. But we've got you covered with the library - the one place where all recorded content is stored for easy, on-demand viewing. With 24/7 access, refresh on any topic you like, or catch up on missed sessions that slip through the cracks of your busy schedule.


Digital Community

Those who say that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey just haven't found the right community yet - but believe us when we say, we have. Find your people among our energetic and colourful digital community, collaborate with like-minded adventurers, or nerd out in one of our many sub-groups for specific focus areas.


Membership Duration

2 Hours per Week
For One Whole Year

Army of Experts

  1. Learn to leverage technology

  2. Smash your social media game

  3. Learn the ins and outs of Personal brand building


  1. Focus with deep work sessions

  2. Get things done with Pomodoros

  3. Build out your ideas with rapid prototyping

Personal Leadership

  1. Reflect on your week

  2. Define your why

  3. Build your mental board of directors


Thinking Techniques

  1. Reframe your challenges

  2. Design Think your problems

  3. Make better decisions with Thinking Hats

Learn how to evolve as an entrepreneur and get a sneak peak into what this lab has to offer.


hit their weekly goals consistently

apply expert learnings immediately


collaborative projects each year



  1. You feel you could be better equipped as an entrepreneur

  2. You feel the need to be on top of a growing to-do list but aren't quite there yet

  3. You need to get better at decision-making

  4. You are a lifelong learner at heart

  5. You feel like you need company

  6. You want to multiply the impact of another Jigsaw lab you have signed up for

This is the right fit for you if:

You are the most valuable asset to your business. It will keep evolving as much as you do, so think of this lab as multiplier - giving you exponential returns on any aspect of your business by keeping you on top of your game, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Investment & ROI

Clarity & Structure 47

Leadership 31

Confidence with Sales 36

Community Talk

"Designing weeks using the methods here are so powerful. I have been able to plan my time so much better than before. I now know exactly what to do when things are a bit out of control and am confident of taking up bigger projects that may need attention. This is so powerful. I usually complete everything on time now."

Manishi Pande

Founder, Capleon Creations

"Hitting your monthly goals over and over again as a fitness trainer isn’t easy. A significant change during this program is that I do not aim for small goals anymore. Jigsaw happened at the right time for me."

Pradyumna Mukundan

Fat Loss Coach

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