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Self Starter

noun noun: self-starter;  plural noun: self-starters

Are you struggling with roadblocks on your path to freedom?
Are you stuck in a vicious cycle?
Do you have a safe space to learn and practice your business skills?

Just because you’re a Self-Starter, that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself.

Here's why a community is so important

They can hold you accountable

You can vent to them and seek guidance

Get constant, regular feedback on your experiments

Benefit from the support of a like-minded community

Build partnerships and friendships
that last

We’re on a mission to fuel journeys of 10,000 Self-Starters by 2025


Self-Starters launched and fueled till date



Crore added to the Indian Economy till date

New Employment opportunities to the Indian Workforce till date


What's inside Jigsaw HQ?

Thinkerspace Live

Your Weekly Dose of Founder Food (for Thought)

Business coaching is not the right of the few.

JIgsaw HQ’s Thinkerspace are Weekly Group Coaching Calls for you to get expert input from Founder & Head Business, Raashid Navlakhi, and Jigsaw Community Experts, that will significantly move your business forward.

Get your top questions answered on all things business, and perspective on pricing, limiting beliefs, designing winning days, and a whole lot more.

Not only that, our calls are opened up once a month with no set agenda, so vent, network, and ideate together on whatever topic you wish to discuss that day!

Pocket Companion

Grow stronger, together!

Need quick feedback on a prototype?

Want some leads for a particular project you’re working on?

Or just want to vent about last night’s Shark Tank episode?

The community's got your back on all questions big, small and immediate.

Just raise your queries and concerns on our platform and get instant responses from the Community. The more you share, the more you shall receive!

Thinkerspace On-Demand

Learn wherever, whenever.

We all have some weeks that are better than others.


Had to take a few weeks off to attend a wedding? Recover from COVID? Or just take some time off because you F*cking deserve one?

No one gets this like we do, so rest easy! We've got you covered.


Access the founder HQ library at any time, from anywhere so you can learn and build your business on your own time in a way that works for you.

Member Benefits

Open your doors not your wallet

One of the perks of being an HQ Insider?


Special treatment of course.

Leverage our exclusive partner discounts for all your business service needs - Workspaces, Accounting, Digital Platforms and a whole lot more.


No more market rates for you!


Jigsaw HQ

Membership for 12 Months

INR 12,500

  • Access to Thinkerspace - Group Business Coaching Calls with Raashid & Community of Experts

  • Access to HQ Library

  • 24/7 access to HQ Community Page for instant feedback on prototypes

  • Member Benefits Worth up to ₹2,00,000/-

  • 20% off on Jigsaw Events & Programs

Breaking the tradition!
Traditional business coaching costs at-least 10,00,000 INR per year, takes multiple calls before truly understanding your business and has limited diversity of opinions offering less flexibility.

Online courses, roughly 10,000 INR per course, only provide you information on one topic, leaving you less equipped to tackle the entrepreneurship journey.

We're providing you with the best of the both worlds and a supportive community to thrive in.

This is the right fit for you if:


Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Photographers, YouTuber, Artists, Interior Designers

Service Provider

Architects, Digital Marketeers, Community Builders, Brand Strategists, Homebakers


Fitness Coaches, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Career Counsellors, Nutritionists, Consultants, Course Creators

"Jigsaw to me is the type of learning I wish our education system offered. Thanks to Jigsaw I could focus on what I do best without being overwhelmed or intimidated by the pressures of running a business. HQ ensured I stayed motivated and committed to my goals. Since I'm a solopreneur, HQ also gives me access to a community of other creative entrepreneurs and a platform where we can bounce ideas off each other.”

Chahat Kathotia

Founder, Salt & Co

I started a business venture very holistically with Jigsaw. It satisfies me on a career and a personal level. Every aspect of what we have done so far is so people-centered and it genuinely gives value to what I do. And the best part is that there is a whole community behind you that never lets you feel alone and is always there to support you.”

Keerthana Yalla

Founder, Yalla Bakes

"Designing weeks using the methods at HQ are so powerful. I have been able to plan my time so much better than before. I now know exactly what to do when things are a bit out of control and am confident of taking up bigger projects that may need attention. This is so powerful. I usually complete everything on time now."

Manishi Pande

Founder, Capleon Creations

“I feel truly heard, both by the team at Jigsaw, and the community. There’s no judgment at all. No belittling of one’s challenges. And so it’s a great place to F$@K up and know you’ll have people to catch you. I doubled my revenue in my first 3 months with Jigsaw Thinking and formally launched the 3 verticals of my business”

Anushka Kalro

Founder, Gunpowder & Ghee

"I want to create an agency that resonates with my values and lifestyles, I do not want to be a workhorse, working endlessly. I did struggle with the dilemma of more clients = more work = no life! But HQ gave me the perspective, structure, and awesome tools to not just learn but build a system that works for me! I love the work I do and the life I'm creating."

Dhwani Kathotia

Founder, Distil

“Unlike business coaches and consultants who just give you advice, HQ is all about helping you execute. The community also went above and beyond to support me to execute the creative ideas we came up with together. I’d recommend HQ to all entrepreneurs who are waiting for things to happen rather than taking action. It's a place to challenge stereotypes, brainstorm ideas, roadmap solutions, and achieve big goals along with awesome people!”

Aamir Zoomkawala

Freelance Designer

“During my time with HQ, I doubled my revenue in 1 month! The Fellowship made me see more value in our business than I did before and I love the tribe! Accountability in the community is great, it really helps get things done!

Anushree Choudhary

Co-Founder, Dough Re Mi

“I now know there is no limit to the revenue I can create”

Aveek Katiyar

Freelance Designer

HQ Testimonials

From the Community


Hear from the Community

Hear from our Jigsaw Community Founders

Paaras Belandor

Owner, Poise Scooters

Mithila Katiyar

Freelance Food Photographer

Avinash Arora

Founder, Small Town Folk

Vaamaa Baldota

Founder, iDare

Pukhraj Ranjan

Founder, Moi Namaste



What happens after a year?

Most of our community continues their relationship with Jigsaw HQ through a renewed membership.

This is due to the immense value provided throughout the year, as well as the deep relationships developed among our members, who see HQ as the entrepreneurial Quora that they never had.

But then again, of course, one can discontinue one's membership with Jigsaw HQ, but people rarely do :)

How big is the community?

Jigsaw Thinking has helped guide over 1000 self-starters to creative and financial freedom.
Jigsaw HQ at present as an active community of around 100 self-starters, given that it is a brand new platform launched in August 2022.
Our community is expected to grow to 1000 by the end of 2022, and 10,000 by 2025!

Does this include 1:1 guidance?

Jigsaw HQ offers only Group Business Coaching in the form of Weekly Thinkerspace Live Sessions.

These sessions are hosted by Raashid Navlakhi and other domain expert Jigsaw Thinkers.
The HQ community is designed to remove the need for 1:1 business coaching, as the community of Self-Starters on our platform are more than equipped to guide you through any business challenge you might be facing. Through real-life examples from our community, and business know-how from our Business Coaches.

I’ve just started, am I ready for this?

Yes, JIgsaw HQ is designed to help Entrepreneurs at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, including the very beginning.

One of the biggest mistakes Self-Starters makes early on burying themselves in their own bubbles, without reaching out and learning from Business Coaches and the growing community of Entrepreneurs across the country.
This is the perfect place to ask the burning questions in your head!

When is Thinkerspace Live each week?

Thinkerspace Live’s are hosted every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm IST on Zoom

Does HQ help me solve specific business challenges?

Jigsaw HQ lays the foundation to become an effective Entrepreneur while cultivating a growth mindset. Which is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in the increasingly diverse Entrepreneurial landscape.

Through Jigsaw HQ, you can upgrade to Jigsaw’s flagship Labs, which are designed to help you overcome the 4 fundamental business challenges, namely:

  • Business Strategy

  • Sales

  • Customer Delivery & Journey

  • Team


Jigsaw HQ

If you grow, your business grows. It’s that simple.

Jigsaw HQ is where self-starters who are great at their craft, Get great at business.

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