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The Big Goal: Grow India's Creative Economy by Empowering 10,000 Creative Entrepreneurs by 31st, December, 2025.

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I've always loved (and been good at) guiding people.

At school, I always helped my juniors build the confidence to speak at public events.

At college, I held tuition classes in my kitchen.

At Accenture, I helped all new joiners upskill.

At football, I find joy in guiding players on field.

The first time I guided someone on their business strategy, I was hooked!

At 16, while still in school, I embarked on my first entrepreneurial venture. As a team of five at Sync Solutions (with business cards, mind you), we were consultants specialising in turning skills and passions into profitable ventures.


Our debut customer?
Three creative girls from another school who excelled at design but needed help monetising their skills.


Our solution?
Their designs on clothing and merchandise. We negotiated deals with a textile business owner from our network to help them produce the goods quickly. With the right strategy and pricing, we helped them launch at the school fair’s pop up shop.


The result?
It was quite the hype and they sold out!

30 days after my promotion,
I resigned.

After 4 years at business school the UK, a life-changing semester abroad in Canada, and my business foundations intact - I was a consultant at Accenture, London. The accolades came swiftly and I snagged a promotion two and a half years in. But I was still unhappy with what I was doing.


An impromptu rewatch of movies like Swades, Pursuit of Happyness, and Rocket Singh rekindled my passion to create impact in India. Unabashedly under its influence, I gave into a fervor to return to India and chart my own uncharted course.


30 days after my promotion, I resigned, and came back to India. This time, with incredible structure, process, and skills.

I was an accidental 
entrepreneur myself.

After a little while of being lost, confused, and rediscovering myself, I ran a non-profit named I For Indya. I applied design thinking in one-day workshops and 8-week programs to help NGOs solve their challenges. 


While I was still at it, I helped a community manager at We Work leverage design thinking to solve her career challenges. And it helped! The next time some one asked her, “Is there someone who can help us think through our business?” she instinctively sent them my way.


And that’s how Jigsaw Thinking originally began.


We launched a fellowship for entrepreneurs, a young leader program for school kids who wanted to get into social impact, and worked with corporate for different initiatives.

Let's do one thing. Let's do it right.
Let's do it BIG.

While we had a great time at Jigsaw Thinking as we monetised our passion, I got restless about the scale of impact. At a point in time, we worked with only 10 entrepreneurs, 10 young leaders, and 3 corporate companies.

One of my mentors Jawahar Bekay, helped me understand the beauty of doing less but going deep and doing it well. 


On his advice, I decided to kill the fellowship, and my mindset of doing multiple things in a small way. And decided to do one thing, to do it right, and to do it big. 


After a few iterations with a driven team, we built Jigsaw HQ as you know it today. By wielding a power combo of business school + consulting + design thinking + the people behind-the-scenes.

Bzzzz... India!
Entrepreneurship is calling.

We’re fired up to help:

Indians go from job seekers to job creators

Creative entrepreneurs make their passion profitable

Businesses of all kinds - beyond the funded ones

10x India’s creator economy




Eliminating loneliness

Fostering community

Normalising collaboration


And making expert business coaching accessible, actionable, accountable, and affordable.

Tap into the power of community.

I think back to a Himalayan trek I went on when I was 16 years old. It was tough because I hadn’t trained and I had no idea what I was doing.


But it ended up being the most memorable experience of my life because: I wasn’t alone.


With a mix of first-time, seasoned trekkers - and a great guide - it suddenly became a joyful experience.


As thunderstorms roared outside, we huddled up and played games inside the tents. We carried each other’s bags up when one of us was tired, pushed each other forward, and picked each other up when we fell down.


We made friends for life. We were happy. And we made it all the way to the peak.


I must have been terrified if I were alone through it all. But this community of adventurers turned it all around for me.

Build your dream business with your dream allies.

I have personally experienced loneliness in my journey.


Just like the 1000+ ambitious entrepreneurs we’ve worked with - who struggle week on week to take action in isolation.


And I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today in life and in business without my people.


That’s exactly why community is at the heart of everything we do at Jigsaw Thinking.


Embrace a thriving community to beat your loneliness. And build your dream business.


One where you work on your passion projects with your dream clients while enjoying a fulfilling personal life. 

Helping you build your dream business

Ayush Kundu
Community Manager

Once a content whiz and now the community's superhero - you'll find Ayush's fingerprints on events, program design, backend systems, onboarding and automation. He has got every members back while ensuring the journey is nothing short of amazing.

Akshita Gupta
Marketing Lead

Our creative powerhouse, Akshita sculpts our brand identity and vision with finesse. Fuelled by Jigsaw's empowering culture, she fearlessly explores, experiments and evolves alongside our hardworking community members.


A CA with 10+ years experience in the business consulting space, she has been on the advisory committee of multiple start ups in the D2C and B2C space.

Content Lead

The fun, on-brand content you’ve seen on our socials? John’s the mastermind of crafting meaningful stories that deeply resonate with our members - with the magic of cuts and sounds.

Business Development ninja

Strategic partnerships are the name of the game for Girish - who forges meaningful alliances to welcome 1000 members into the Jigsaw fold. Drawn to Jigsaw's ethos of breaking down goals to simpler action steps, he thrives on the community's energy, growth and enthusiasm.


Want to create and impact with the rest of us at Jigsaw Thinking? Feel aligned with our mission? Let's chat.


Akshay Cherian
First business coach

Who helped Raashid go from ideation and planning to execution and results. And, believed in him more than he believed in himself

Kriti Thakur
First team member

Who moved from Bombay to Bangalore. Worked 2 jobs for the first 3 months. And took a 50% salary cut. All to co-build Jigsaw Thinking with Raashid. She became the soul of Jigsaw and forever changed its trajectory

Jawahar Bekay
Business mentor

Who keeps Raashid dreaming big, working smart & moving fast.

A special mention to these folks who helped make Jigsaw Thinking a reality.

Putting self-starters on the map with Jigsaw HQ.

Jigsaw HQ, our business coaching is proof that expert business guidance can be accessible, affordable, and amazing for the friendly neighbourhood entrepreneurs. As an alternative to figuring out everything yourself, MBAs, waiting for funding or bank-breaking personal business coaching.

When you're uncertain, we help build confidence.

When you procrastinate, we bring momentum.

When you're lonely, we bring company.

The home of independent, motivated, and ambitious entrepreneurs.

How entrepreneurs feel before they work with us




How entrepreneurs feel after they work with us


We empower every entrepreneur like you with:
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