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We help you experiment your way through uncertainty by starting from wherever you are, with whatever you have.

We not only equip you with the tools for sustainable financial growth, but have also established a community of energetic go-getters to fall back on, every step of the way.

Here, adventure-seekers find structure and clarity, while procrastinators find inspiration and accountability; innovators find the tools to build, and mad scientists find the room to experiment. And if you feel like you’re all of these things and more - hello, polymath. This is the perfect place for you.

Jigsaw Thinking helps fuel the entrepreneurial spark by equipping passionate self-starters to follow the clearest path towards their goals.


A business that is performing well is built on a solid client experience and delivery system.

This lab helps you build a world class one of your own that ensures a consistent performance - without losing sleep over it. 

At any point in your journey as a self starter, you may find yourself struggling in one of two scenarios. The first is where you find yourself in a thinking loop where your quest to find the perfect solution leads to no action being taken at all. The second is where you may find yourself moving very fast, making quick but not fully informed decisions, which could put your business at risk.

At Jigsaw, we have found that one simple tool can solve for both of these scenarios at once - experimentation. Our labs tackle one aspect of your business at a time, giving you a safe space to think in a focused way, run experiments to test your ideas, share them with the community and get detailed feedback to help you discover what works (and what doesn't) before launching them into the world. 

No self-starter journey is devoid of risk, but our labs help you take more calculated ones. Take a look at the different labs below. Where would you begin?



There comes a time when, to grow your business further, you have to let go of the idea of doing it all and put a solid team in place. This ensures you can move past day-to-day firefighting and focus on the more strategic aspects of your journey.

"Jigsaw to me is the type of learning I wish our education system offered. Thanks to jigsaw I could focus on what I do best without being overwhelmed or intimidated by the pressures of running a business. Jigsaw ensured I stayed motivated and committed to my goals.

Since I'm a solopreneur, Jigsaw also gives me access to a community of other creative entrepreneurs and a platform where we can bounce ideas off each other.”

Chahat Kathotia

Founder, Salt & Co

“ Started a business venture very holistically with Jigsaw Thinking. It satisfies me on a career and a personal level. Every aspect of what we have done so far is so people-centered and it genuinely gives value to what I do. And the best part is that there is a whole community behind you that never lets you feel alone and is always there to support you.”

Keerthana Yalla

Founder, Yalla Bakes

With strategy, Jigsaw Thinking helped me  understand the path to try something new. I broke it down ..and now im getting there! My biggest win was to stay strong and pull up my sleeves and start work to stay on course with my wins!

Avinash Arora

Co-Founder, Tasveerien





I'm Raashid Navlakhi, Founder of Jigsaw Thinking and Business Coach for driven individuals who want to turn their skills and expertise into a consistent source of fulfilment, freedom and funds.

I became a Business Coach by combining my learnings from Business School in the UK, strategic consulting at Accenture (London) and launching my very own social enterprise, I For Indya. All of these experiences propelled me towards my one true passion: entrepreneurship.

Everything I've learned over the years has helped me build, launch and grow Jigsaw Thinking and, after joining forces with Kriti Thakur, I share this expertise with individuals who are curious and committed to the entrepreneurial adventure.

I'm Kriti Thakur, Program Lead and Learning Coach at Jigsaw Thinking.

Since teaming up with Raashid about 3 years ago, I have focused all my energy on applying the expertise and experience I gained in the education sector to turn our methods into simple frameworks and actionable templates. I've developed a supportive community that entrepreneurs can use to get the same, or even better results than we did!

I'm really excited to bring my skills from varied backgrounds to my role every single day. The logical side of my brain was worked out an awful lot during law school, only to be surpassed by the workout my creative side got while working in the social impact sector. I teamed up with Raashid to help entrepreneurs achieve their fascinating goals. 



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