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We help small scale entrepreneurs build lives of freedom.

Build a profitable business that satisfies you creatively, rewards you financially and supports your desired lifestyle.

Are you confident about your craft, but uncertain about the business aspects of your journey?

Does the loneliness of the entrepreneurial journey sometimes get to you?

And are you mad as hell that your only options for guidance & support are paying big bucks for an MBA or figuring out everything yourself with the help of some random YouTube videos?

Not any more!

Go from uncertain to confident and lonely to supported by joining a community of entrepreneurs & experts who care...without breaking the bank.

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What Jigsaw Thinker's have to Say

Image of Raashid Navlakhi


“I know what it's like to feel uncertain and alone as a self-starter.

That's why I made it my mission to help entrepreneurs go from uncertain to confident and lonely to supported.

I've used my business school education, consulting experience in London, and expertise in design thinking to become a Business Coach.

But instead of helping big companies get bigger, I decided to focus on the small, but mighty.

It just didn’t make sense to me that only entrepreneurs who have "made it" can afford top-quality business coaching.

Why don’t smaller-scale entrepreneurs deserve world-class business guidance?

That’s why I launched Jigsaw HQ, an annual membership, where we provide the business guidance and support you need as a solopreneur, without breaking the bank.

Through HQ’s community-led model, since 2019, I've guided over 1000 solopreneurs in building small, but profitable businesses around their skills, knowledge, and passion.

And I’d love to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey too.”

Raashid Navlakhi

Founder & Head Business Coach, Jigsaw Thinking




"Jigsaw to me is the type of learning I wish our education system offered. Thanks to jigsaw I could focus on what I do best without being overwhelmed or intimidated by the pressures of running a business. Jigsaw ensured I stayed motivated and committed to my goals.

Since I'm a solopreneur, Jigsaw also gives me access to a community of other creative entrepreneurs and a platform where we can bounce ideas off each other.”

Founder, Salt & Co

Chahat Kathotia


“I feel truly heard, both by the team at Jigsaw, and the community. There’s no judgment at all. No belittling of one’s challenges. And so it’s a great place to F$@K up and know you’ll have people to catch you. I doubled my revenue in my first 3 months with Jigsaw Thinking and formally launched the 3 verticals of my business”

Founder, Gunpowder & Ghee

Anushka Kalro


“I started a business venture very holistically with Jigsaw. It satisfies me on a career and a personal level. Every aspect of what we have done so far is so people-centered and it genuinely gives value to what I do. And the best part is that there is a whole community behind you that never lets you feel alone and is always there to support you.”

Founder, Yalla Bakes

Keerthana Yalla


"Jigsaw was my introduction to a structured way of learning and problem-solving in an otherwise unstructured space of work. It allowed me to improve an already working service offering and innovate and test and launch other services. The community channel provides real-time feedback on testing services/prototypes and the coaches help you build better along the way. Added 3+ clients and structured my work much better”

Fitness Trainer

Vidur Gupta


"Jigsaw helped me re-define my target audience, service positioning, and think through my pricing strategy which has helped me increase my pricing by 2.5x and also sign on 4 new clients. I always wanted to be a solution provider and not a service provider and Jigsaw has helped me do that. My clients trust me a lot more now. As a beginner, if you are looking for clarity and structure, along with great coaches and some insane feedback, this is the place for you”

Social Media Manager

Manishi Pande


“I now know there is no limit to the revenue I can create”

UX Designer

Aveek Katiyar


Jigsaw HQ Membership

Where Creative Entrepreneurs Thrive

Learn from experts every week at Thinkerspace

Live group coaching calls with Raashid and special guest experts every week. ‘Perfect your sales pitch’, ‘Negotiate like a pro’ and everything in between! Don’t just learn, apply in-session!

Weekly Thinkerspace (Group Coaching) calls

Stay accountable to your goals with the Tough Love Cohort

Be part of an accountability group that turns all your good intentions into actions. Lead by Raashid, this cohort includes goal setting, mid-week problem-solving and reflection calls.

Accountability with Jigsaw Thinking's Tough Love cohort

Get 24/7 support from the community on the HQ Platform

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself any more! Ask any question, any time and get almost instant input from a community with the expertise to guide and energy to support your journey!

24*7 support at Jigsaw Thinking's community sharing platform, Jigsaw HQ.

Get discounts, find work and promote your business on Jigsaw Marketplace

Our marketplace has some of the most attractive deals on offer for small scale entrepreneurs to help you level up your business…without breaking the bank (or FD 😛)

Partnerships at Jigsaw Thinking

Learn on-demand with the Jigsaw Library

We have beautifully organised 50+ hours of expert session recordings so you can learn what you need to, when you need to. Pricing, upselling, goal-setting, you’ll find it all!

On-Demand library of 50+ hours of expert sessions recording

Build business partnerships and friendships that last

Members join for the expertise and stay for the community. Find your Business Buddies so you don’t have to go it alone ever again!

Members and Business buddies of the Jigsaw Thinking community