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Wed, 13 Sept


Zoom Call

[Thinkerspace #58] - Building Healthier Habits with Hannah Muthoot

Entrepreneurial life can be a roller coaster, often overshadowing the essence of holistic well-being. In the relentless pursuit of success, it's crucial to remember that our health isn't just a footnote; it's our prime asset in achieving entrepreneurial brilliance.

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Time & Location

13 Sept, 4:00 pm – 5:20 pm IST

Zoom Call

About the event

Introducing Hannah Muthoot of Aurah Social.  Together with Co-Founder Ashwini Nandakumar, they woven the narrative of integrating health seamlessly into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. This session won't merely skim the surface with nutrition tips or diet fads. Instead, it delves into fostering habits that pave the way for a resilient, efficient, and rejuvenated entrepreneur.

What's in store?

🌜 Sleep: Harness better sleep to elevate focus, creativity, and sharp decision-making.

🍽️ Meal Do's & Don'ts: Dive into mindful eating to amplify energy and diminish stress.

🏃‍♂️ Movement: Discover daily exercises that bolster mood and fortitude.

🍀 Holistic Health: Unite these habits for overarching well-being, paving the way for entrepreneurial triumph.

🌱 Sustainable Change: Equip yourself with strategies to enshrine lasting health betterment.

In this transformative session, we spotlight three cornerstone habits that, while simple, promise profound impacts on health, productivity, and entrepreneurial prowess. It's a clarion call to all entrepreneurs: By nurturing ourselves, we fortify our ventures.

Join Aurah Social and tap into the symbiotic rhythm of health and business. Elevate not just your venture, but every facet of your life.

Gear up and stay poised for a session that’s set to revolutionize your entrepreneurial journey! 🌿🤝🚀





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