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3 Retainer Clients & 50% Revenue increase in 1 Month

Meet, Zainab a Brand Designer from Chennai who had enough with the world of agencies, and who wanted to transition to an Independent Brand Designer, who worked her own times, on her own terms. Like many, she was great at what she did creatively, but didn't have the structure or accountability to help her figure out her Sales & Marketing systems to effectively transition to being independent, to the point where she could have Creative and Financial freedom.

Since joining Jigsaw HQ, and completing the Sales Lab, he started to see near instant results. Within just 1 month of joining the Jigsaw HQ Community, she:

  • Signed 3 new retainer clients

  • Restructured her offerings and increased her pricing by 50%, resulting in a steady flow of well-paying clients

  • Launched her first branding workshop with 25+ participants/prospects

  • Transitioned from being a service provider to a strategic expert in her field

Sounds like someone whose footsteps you want to follow in? Hear her full story below!


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