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50% Increase in Month Revenue & Creative Freedom as a Fitness Coach

Meet Vidur Gupta, a Fitness Coach with over a decade of experience, who believes that fitness can lead people to live better and freer lives. Vidur started his journey with Jigsaw when he was a Fitness Coach and partner at a reputed studio in Mumbai, while also freelancing on the side to generate additional income to support his dream of going independent. At the time, he was generating an Average Monthly Income of INR 2,00,000 per month. Through his time with Jigsaw, he learnt, build and experimented his way to creative and financial freedom.

Vidur testing his Client Experience:

Vidur getting critical feedback from the Jigsaw Community:

Transitioning from 75% of his business coming from his in-person training (with a partner studio), to a more scalable virtual Fitness Practice called THRIVE, where he now earns an average monthly income of INR 3,00,000!

That's an increase of 50% in 1 year, with his client retention rates at 80%!

Are you a coach? Because this could be you!

Learn more about his journey below!


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