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Creative Solopreneur to Small Business Owner

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Meet Dhwani Kathotia, a thinker who embodies the spirit of Jigsaw, demonstrates what's truly possible with our guidance. A highly driven professional with a background in psychology, economics, and sociology, Dhwani was clear about her ambition - to infuse sustainability into fashion brands through potent marketing strategies. Her aim was to create Distil, a conscious creative studio dedicated to empowering purpose-driven businesses with impactful Content, Strategy, Marketing, and Social Media services. Her entrepreneurial journey began in the early days of Jigsaw. Witnessing her sister, Chahat, flourish her business (Salt&Co.) under our guidance, she decided to join us. The inception of Distil, from naming the company to imbibing a nurturing culture at its heart, unfolded within the corridors of Jigsaw Thinking and it's community.

Here's Dhwani asking the Jigsaw Community for input on her V1 Customer Journey:

And here's the Jigsaw Community providing feedback & insights

With the support and guidance she received through the Jigsaw community, Dhwani harnessed the power of the community to transition from an independent freelancer to a formidable business leader.

Here's what Distil Media looks like now!

Within 6 months, she:

  • Was at the help of a team of five talented individuals.

  • Increased her monthly income by a staggering 6X

The Community had the privilege of witnessing her transformation firsthand. She embodies the essence of a true leader, continuously evolving and striving for more.

She once shared;

"I want to create an agency that resonates with my values and lifestyles, not to become a work horse, working endlessly. I grappled with the equation of more clients equals more work equals no life! But Jigsaw gave me the perspective, structure, and excellent tools to build a system that works for me! I love the work I do and the life I'm creating."

Her philosophy became evident in her tangible achievements.

  • She retained 100% of her existing clients, even managing to say no to those who didn't align with her vision.

  • She successfully onboarded three new retainer clients, all the while reducing her work hours to 40 a week from 50.

    • This strategic approach has allowed her to free up 10 hours per week for strategic goals and personal enrichment.

  • Has successful grown consistently for the last 2 years!

Dhwani Kathotia's story underscores the power of Jigsaw Thinking - the ability to design your entrepreneurial journey, achieve sustainable growth, and balance work with a fulfilling life.

Hear more about her story on our BYOB Podcast:


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