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From B2B to D2C, with 6x Revenue along the way!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Meet Pukhraj Ranjan, the founder and CEO of Moi Namaste. Founded in 2020, this brand started as a love letter to Finland sharing with it the beauty and culture of my homeland, India.

Moi Namaste, based in Helsinki, is an ethical brand committed to empowering women artisans in India. It is an attempt at bringing Indian craftsmanship to our global community through fashion & sustainable lifestyle. We design for and take inspiration from our colourful friends who live boldly, yet with kind hearts.

Pukhraj sought out Jigsaw to help her bring structure and guidance toward formulating a clear roadmap, which would allow her to transition from a B2B business, to a D2C e-commerce business.

Here's what Pukhraj had to say about her time with Jigsaw:

“Being based in Helsinki, Finland, access to professional guidance, coupled with language barriers were huge obstacles to growing my business. Jigsaw HQ and Sales Lab significantly helped bring structure to my business operations by formulating a clear roadmap, and helped me make the transition from B2B to D2C. Jigsaw's network of high quality entrepreneurs and its active community, was the safe space I needed to get the immediate coaching and feedback which was otherwise hard to find.”

Here's a little message she sent us to tell us about her amazing results!

Learn more about here full journey here:


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