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Signed her Dream Client and found 3 more Clients on Jigsaw HQ!

Meet Akshaya Ramesh, a creative copywriter with a specialisation in Website Conversions! Her dream was to become her own boss, allowing her to be financially & creatively liberated! She was excited to work on her own terms, set her own hours, and have creative control over her projects. So then, she finally did it. She dropped the 9-5 and started her journey as a Creative Solopreneur. She soon realised that being a Solopreneur came with its downsides. She missed the structure of working with an established company and now found herself struggling with the loneliness and lack of accountability that came with being your own boss. Without colleagues to bounce ideas off, Akshaya had no one to test her work with before launching it into the world. She was a Master when it came to Creative Copywriting, but when it came to Business type stuff, not so much. She wasn't confident in her ability to negotiate rates, set up marketing funnels, or manage her finances like a business should. Her workload quickly became less about her craft, and more about firefighting everyday business challenges, leaving her feeling uninspired and drained.

That’s when she found Jigsaw HQ, a Community that made her feel safe, heard and confident in what she had to offer the world!

Here's Akshaya sharing some Wins since joining Jigsaw HQ:

Here's her finding 3 new clients, all of whom are fellow members of the Community!

Listen to her full journey below!


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