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Jigsaw HQ here you can access Strategy Lab's video-based guides, ask questions to Raashid & connect with other Jigsaw Thinkers/Experts

Strategy workbook ready to use with fully loaded templates and formula-based dashboards, that will help you nail your 12 month roadmap

Opportunity to upgrade to 1:1 Business coaching session with your personal Strategy Coach, Raashid Navlakhi, who has coached over 500+ self-starters and mentored businesses with revenues over 10crores.
Raashid is also an Ex-Strategic Consultant at Accenture, London, a Design Thinking coach, and a Business School graduate with Honours.


Time to Complete

10 ~ 12 Hours (Typically completed within a week)

+ Retain access to your Strategy Workbook for 1 year

+ Community support through Jigsaw HQ

Experiment 1: Direction
with clear, compelling goals


  1. Big Fabulous Goals (your true north)

  2. Founder Goals (personal non-negotiables)

  3. Business Goals (using the ultimate Business Dashboard)

Experiment 2: Clarity
through smart strategy


  1. Business Models (connecting all aspects of the business)

  2. Strategic Trees (breaking down your goals)

  3. Projections Dashboard (playing with numbers)

Experiment 3: Focus
on navigating challenges


  1. Top barriers (identifying blockers to growth)

  2. Business focus (next business system to be built)

  3. Founder focus (next evolution as an entrepreneur)


Learn how to think strategically and get a sneak peak into what this lab has to offer.


hit or surpass their goals

clarity on next steps


recommend strategy lab to peers



  1. You are at the beginning of your journey and need to find the right way forward

  2. You are already on your path, but faced with an abundance of possibilities that need to be narrowed down to a single course of action

  3. You want to learn the tools to master strategy, and prepare yourself for the next time you're faced with confusion (it'll happen, trust us)

  4. You're stuck, and need to find a way out

  5. You want to be more systematic about your approach towards charting your path, and more specific about both short-term and long-term goals

This is the right fit for you if:

Unlike other Business Strategy programs that require a huge investment from you in terms of time and resources, our lab is designed to work with you from wherever you are, with whatever you have - and in the shortest time frame possible.

If you're looking for clarity and answers without having to take time and money away from your business, you've come to the right place.

Investment & ROI

Clarity & Structure 71

1: 1 Sessions 91

High Long Term ROI 66

Community Talk

Raashid's got the gift to read your mind and say exactly what it is that you need to hear at most times. He plays the role of a coach, business thinker, mentor, problem solver, the guiding light and also the devil's advocate in my entrepreneurial journey. I see his biggest strength to be the ability to ask the right kind of question at the right time, so as to help find gaps and break down business models, processes and structures that seem complex yet solvable. It's been a great learning curve and I strongly recommend brainstorming any business challenge with Raashid to arrive at clear strategic goals that are ambitious and achievable. 

Shruti Jaipuria


"It helped me zoom out and see the big picture , plan better and get perspective"

Mitali Tandon

Forbes 30 under 30

Studio Founders

Recommended By

Service Based Founders


Non MBAs

Social Entreprenuers

Long Term Thinkers

Early Entreprenuers


Hannah Muthoot

Co-Founder, Aurah Social

Shruti Jaipuria

Founder, Project Satatki

Hear from Strategy Lab Alumni



What happens after a year?

Most of our community continues their relationship with Jigsaw HQ through a renewed membership.

This is due to the immense value provided throughout the year, as well as the deep relationships developed among our members, who see HQ as the entrepreneurial Quora that they never had.

But then again, of course, one can discontinue one's membership with Jigsaw HQ, but people rarely do :)

How big is the community?

Jigsaw Thinking has helped guide over 1000 self-starters to creative and financial freedom.
Jigsaw HQ at present as an active community of around 100 self-starters, given that it is a brand new platform launched in August 2022.
Our community is expected to grow to 1000 by the end of 2022, and 10,000 by 2025!

Does this include 1:1 guidance?

Jigsaw HQ offers only Group Business Coaching in the form of Weekly Thinkerspace Live Sessions.

These sessions are hosted by Raashid Navlakhi and other domain expert Jigsaw Thinkers.
The HQ community is designed to remove the need for 1:1 business coaching, as the community of Self-Starters on our platform are more than equipped to guide you through any business challenge you might be facing. Through real-life examples from our community, and business know-how from our Business Coaches.

I’ve just started, am I ready for this?

Yes, JIgsaw HQ is designed to help Entrepreneurs at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, including the very beginning.

One of the biggest mistakes Self-Starters makes early on burying themselves in their own bubbles, without reaching out and learning from Business Coaches and the growing community of Entrepreneurs across the country.
This is the perfect place to ask the burning questions in your head!

When is Thinkerspace Live each week?

Thinkerspace Live’s are hosted every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm IST on Zoom

Does HQ help me solve specific business challenges?

Jigsaw HQ lays the foundation to become an effective Entrepreneur while cultivating a growth mindset. Which is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in the increasingly diverse Entrepreneurial landscape.

Through Jigsaw HQ, you can upgrade to Jigsaw’s flagship Labs, which are designed to help you overcome the 4 fundamental business challenges, namely:

  • Business Strategy

  • Sales

  • Customer Delivery & Journey

  • Team

Strategy Lab

Bring method to madness

At several points on your journey, you may find yourself standing at a crossroad with tough decisions to make. It could be confusing about where to begin, where to take your business next, how to navigate a new personal reality, re-thinking your business model, or inspiration striking in the form of a new idea.This lab will help you set clear goals, pick a strategic path, find your focus and funnel all of these into an effective roadmap that will guide you forward from wherever you stand.

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