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Learning space for you to learn through video guides created by Raashid Navlakhi

Sales Workbook with fully-loaded templates and formula-based dashboards ready for you to use

Jigsaw HQ Community Platform where you will share prototypes and a Shark Tank style pitch of your entire sales system to get candid feedback and active support from the community


Time to Complete

10 ~ 11 Hours
+ Access to Sales Dashboards for 12 Months

+ Community support through Jigsaw HQ

Experiment 1: Foundations

  1. Targeting

  2. Positioning

  3. Branding

  4. Pricing

Experiment 2: Marketing

  1. Network marketing

  2. Hub marketing

  3. Digital marketing

Experiment 3: Sales

  1. Behavioural science & human psychology

  2. Leveraging smart technology

  3. Design a compelling sales journey

  4. Build your sales pitch


Experiment 4: Launch

  1. Launch your new sales system in the real world

  2. Navigate real world challenges with community support

  3. Track your progress using the sales dashboard


The Jigsaw Process applies to each section in the anatomy, ensuring you get a thorough and practical understanding of every topic covered.

Learn by watching a video to understand the basics behind the concepts.

Build using the pre-loaded frameworks in the toolkit to prototype your approach.

Experiment by testing what you’ve built with the slack community, and getting their feedback.

Version up by using community feedback to improve and upgrade until you’re happy with the result.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve got through every section in the anatomy.


average increase in monthly income

increase their prices


get better quality clients