01 / Focus

Through the help of a Jigsaw's Business Health Check on WhatsApp, get clarity on which areas of your business need focusing on. 

Be it your Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Customer Delivery, or Building a Team

02 / Learn

Learn from world-class business coaching videos by Raashid Navlakhi, that incorporate the insights of 1000+ self-starters, as well as his own experience as a Founder and Business Coach.

03 / Build

Build as you learn. Take that knowledge and put it into action through our dynamic and functional workbooks that will act as the foundations on which your new business systems will be built on.

04 / Experiment

Test your Business prototypes and ideas with the diverse Jigsaw Thinking community of Self-Starters and Experts, so you can get valuable feedback and insights from some of the leading voices in the Entrepreneurial game!

05 / Version Up

Take the feedback you received from the Jigsaw Community and Raashid to perfect your prototype so you can launch it in the real world with confidence.

06 / Share

Launch your offering to the world, and watch them delight your clients. All while having the Jigsaw community to fall back on for constant assistance and support.

Here's how Labs@Jigsaw are designed for you to smash your business challenges.

What makes us so confident that our process works?
It's simple.
We use it ourselves.


Business Coaching made affordable, accessible, and actionable. Labs@Jigsaw is your safe space to learn, f*ck up, and grow with confidence.