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Experiment your way towards financial freedom

At any point in your journey as a self starter, you may find yourself struggling in one of two scenarios. The first is where you find yourself in a thinking loop where your quest to find the perfect solution leads to no action being taken at all. The second is where you may find yourself moving very fast, making quick but not fully informed decisions, which could put your business at risk.

At Jigsaw, we have found that one simple tool can solve for both of these scenarios at once - experimentation. 

Experiment your way towards financial freedom



01 / Focus

We're always keeping an eye out for recurring problems faced by our self-starter community. Every couple of months we identify a specific problem we're going to zoom in on.

02 / Learn

We do tons of on-ground research through expert interviews, heavy duty digging and tapping in to our colourful and extensive past experience to identify cutting edge solutions to the problem identified.

03 / Build

We use what we’ve learned to build out a robust solution that we think will solve our chosen problem.

04 / Experiment

This is the part we love most, and the one we take most seriously. We use Jigsaw as our testing ground and apply the chosen solution right here at home until it gives us the results we're looking for!

05 / Version Up

Once we've seen the solution work right here at home, we dive deep to improve it by adapting it to different scenarios, and distilling it to its simplest and clearest form.

06 / Share

And voila! We have in our hands a concentrated solution that can be shared with the Jigsaw community, to equip them to tackle similar scenarios.

Here's what Jigsaw Thinking looks like from the inside. / Pull up a chair, because we're about to give you some inside information.

What makes us so confident that our process works?
It's simple.
We use it ourselves.