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Sales Lab

The Bottom Line

Uncertainty is an unavoidable aspect of being an entrepreneur - but that doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it. There exists a way to combat the unpredictability of the income rollercoaster, and this is the place to learn it. Add method to sales madness by finding the right type of clients for your business and signing a majority of them on without luck and crossed fingers having anything to do with it.

This lab was made to help you create a well oiled marketing and sales engine to generate upto 3x growth in monthly income within a year, and bring some consistency to your life.


Community space where you can access video-based guides, ask questions to our experts, connect with other jigsaw thinkers

Sales Workbook with fully-loaded templates and formula-based dashboards ready for you to use

Community Showcase where you will do a Shark Tank style pitch of your entire sales system to get candid feedback and active support from the community


Launch Countdown

2 Hours/ Week x 2 Months
+ Digital Support for 1 Month post launch

Experiment 1: Foundations

  1. Targeting

  2. Positioning

  3. Branding

  4. Pricing

Experiment 2: Marketing

  1. Network marketing

  2. Hub marketing

  3. Digital marketing

Experiment 3: Sales

  1. Behavioural science & human psychology

  2. Leveraging smart technology

  3. Design a compelling sales journey

  4. Build your sales pitch


Experiment 4: Launch

  1. Launch your new sales system in the real world

  2. Navigate real world challenges with community support

  3. Track your progress using the sales dashboard


The Jigsaw Process applies to each section in the anatomy, ensuring you get a thorough and practical understanding of every topic covered.

Learn by watching a video to understand the basics behind the concepts.

Build using the pre-loaded frameworks in the toolkit to prototype your approach.

Experiment by testing what you’ve built with the slack community, and getting their feedback.

Version up by using community feedback to improve and upgrade until you’re happy with the result.

Rinse and repeat until you’ve got through every section in the anatomy.

Learn how to think strategically and get a sneak peak into what this lab has to offer.


average increase in monthly income

increase their prices


get better quality clients



  1. You've got a skill or expertise that you're looking to make money from but don't know how to start

  2. You've already started your adventure as a solopreneur, but you know deep down that things could be going much, much better

  3. You're frustrated by the type of clients you're attracting at the moment

  4. You're getting a lot of enquiries but aren't converting them into money in the bank easily

  5. You want to launch & grow a new vertical within your existing business

This is the right fit for you if:

Investment & ROI

This lab pays for itself and more.
Let's do the math together.

And that's only what happens in the first few months - you've now got a sales engine that can bring in revenue consistently :)






Total Income


Number of new clients Signed


Price per Client

Clarity & Structure 47

Stress Free 31

Confidence with Sales 36

Community Talk

"(This lab) has helped me re-define my target audience, service positioning, and think through my pricing strategy which has helped me increase my pricing by 2.5x and also sign on 4 new clients. I always wanted to be a solution provider and not a service provider and (this lab) has helped me do that. My clients trust me a lot more now. As a beginner, if you are looking for clarity and structure, along with great coaches and some insane feedback, (this lab) is the right course for you"

Manishi Pande

Founder, Capleon Creations

“Being based in Helsinki, Finland, access to professional guidance, coupled with language barriers were huge obstacles to growing my business. Sales Lab significantly helped bring structure to my business operations by formulating a clear roadmap, and helped me make the transition from B2B to D2C. Jigsaw's network of high quality entrepreneurs and its active community on Slack, was the safe space I needed to get the immediate coaching and feedback which was otherwise hard to find.”

Pukhraj Ranjan

Founder, Moi Namaste


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